Lunches and suppers, without cooking

Meal Hippo solves your meal planning and home cooking challenges by making it easy to get casserole-sized meals from local caterers delivered to you.

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How can I use Meal Hippo?

Meal Hippo offers casserole-size dishes that replace regular cooking at home.
Save time and effort. Order here and cook less.
Meal prep lunches  

Get one large multi-portion dish at the beginning of the week and use it for packed lunches.

Family dinners  

Take a few nights off from cooking dinner by getting ready-to-eat dishes delivered to your house.

Take a break on busy weeks  

Get a few casserole-size meals delivered when you're busy. Plan ahead for busy weeks by ordering a few dishes ahead of time.

How does Meal Hippo work?

Ordering with Meal Hippo is simple.
Order online  

Choose from several dishes offered by caterers in your area.

Choose your delivery date and time.

Pay online.


Your order is delivered to you, fresh.

We make sure you receive you order safely.